The Costa Rica Convention Center (CCCR) is a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible architectural work inspired by the biodiversity, culture and authenticity of Costa Rica. Its design was
designed to generate unique experiences for visitors within a sustainable space,
modern and versatile.

It transmits the essence of Costa Rica with outstanding elements such as: solar panels, wood details, perforated metal, translucent windows and other elements that show an eclectic architecture.

It also offers an artistic exhibition ranging from modern Costa Rican art with the sculpture "Evolution" by the national sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, through to the "Evolución" (Evolution) by the national sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, and the "Evolución" (Evolution) by the national sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia. the 1950s with a heritage site contemporary of Luciano Ranucci called "Mural of the Second Republic", to the pre-Columbian art that reflect the idiosyncrasy, culture and history of the of the country through a sample of spheres pre-Columbian, declared heritage archaeological site of humanity in 2014.

This magnificent venue will be the setting for the XXIII IPRA-CINDER Costa Rica 2024 Congress.

It will be a pleasure to count on your presence.
Sincerely yours.
Organizing Commission

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IPRA-Cinder 2024 Congress
December 4-6